Tuesday, February 22, 2011

About THIS

Let me tell YOU where I come from.
I come from a place where minds never die and black lips never lie
A place where it is crucial to remember your elder's faces
Because where I come from, respect actually gets me places.

I come from the land built by spirits and superstitions.
The soil is soiled with the colors of our pride and bloodshed
So our sweat is red and our tears never fall the right side down
Because our world is never the right side up

I am tired of crying for my people.
My name is Yagazie Ledi Francisca Emezi
Daughter of Ochiaga 1 of Old Umuahia
And you can't even begin to imagine where I come from.

Welcome to the backyard of a Hungry Aba Gal, a place for the homesick and the lost.


  1. your talent blows me away everytime.

  2. Have You Been To Malaysia Before ?

  3. i LOVE your blog!!! Love it love it love it!!!

    Please don't stop writing! You are a TRULY beautiful person! in and out!

  4. Beautiful words. I wish I had pictures of my childhood. I have so many photos of me now.....none of back home. I am Uzoamaka Nkem Nwankpa ofEzeagu LGA. Enugu State Thanks for sharing...you all look amazing

  5. you are truly amazing and the 'realest' girl ive seen in a while. love your blog. Xx