Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yes people! I am giving away ish for FREE and all you have to do is write, draw or create anything. First prize will be FIVE fat bracelets, each of a different print. The second two people get THREE fatty bombom bracelets of different prints as well. And the last person I pick will gets TWO. And ALLLLL the people who submit a piece of work will get a discount on the bracelets and earrings that they want to buy (the good part of this is well, the discount and you actually get to pick what you want and how many!) Here’s how it goes:
  1. You have to be a follower/reader of mine on either tumblr or blogspot (Hungry Aba Gal), OBVIOUSLY.
  2. WRITE and submit a short story. Not just any short story of course. It can be fictional or not, and can be about anything. More than a page long and there is no page limit. Make it unique. And make it bloody good. It can be a poem too, but it still has to be more than a page. You can draw, sew, build something, anything, take a picture of it and SUBMIT it to me. If you can CREATE something, I want to see it and go, “Ooooh”. I would love to put up your stories and creations(of my choosing) on both blogs so please give me permission to do so with your submissions, if you want. SUBMIT to
  3. Submissions start OCTOBER 13, 2011 and ends NOVEMBER 13, 2011. This way, it gives people enough time create or make what they want. It also gives me time to make more bracelets. And we all procrastinate. I can’t give a date as to when I will announce the winners since I don’t know how many submissions I will get, but once I have an idea, you guys will know. (But definitely this year lol)
I’m sure I omitted something so if you have any questions, hit up my inbox


  1. Love those bracelets. Let the games begin!!

  2. Re-blogging! Love those bracelets.

  3. Oh, very cool, I just may participate :-)
    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  4. Love it...U made me laugh when you said that stories need to be BLOODY good

  5. Nice bracelets!

  6. Hopefully you read this, but I read the story about the plane crash and burns, and about the scar on your leg, And a while ago my school had this man with tourettes come to our school and speak about tolerance, he says he gets stared at and judged quickly before he gets a chance to talk to someone they make assumptions and he talked about scars and behaviors and body language, how you can't judge someone unless you really know them and their background because they could have suffered a loss in family, or something worse please check out his website it really inspired me:
    Thanks so much for sharing your story, you've been through a lot it seems but you come off so confident and strong, you made my day Thank You <3 Cassandra

  7. Oh what a funny bracelet but nice. You story also nice and it made me laugh. Thanks for sharing.
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