Friday, March 16, 2012

The Juiciness of Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012

I made it to Lagos! And jumped right into the backstage of it all. I mingled with models, stylists and designers. I paid attention to not only the fashion, but the people as well. The models were all extremely focused and talked only amongst themselves. The stylists were all friendly and down to earth. The fashion designers were usually all smiles and eager to extend their hands and kisses to everyone. A few Nigerian bloggers surprised me with their pompous attitudes and arrogant airs. And a few more were just as excited to see me as I was towards them. The attendees all came in their best attires. Colors, colors everywhere. It was a feast for the eyes, especially coming from Aba and New Mexico!

All in all, I was extremely fortunate to experience the show the way I did. With an all access backstage pass, I could move back and forth anyway I pleased. Then there was the hardcore party scene with a few of the designers and endless debates which has left me with a memorable experience. It was still a tiring week to be running back and forth in heels trying to get the right photos. Despite the excitement of this week, I am looking forward to blogging more about my stay in Nigeria, not just the fashion week. I leave all the AWFW details to the fashion enthusiasts. So here are just a few of the shots I took, there are just too many to upload all.



Everything about these ladies . . . beautiful.


Goofing around

Caught off guard

After the shoot (had to blur out stuff lol)

Some stylists and accosted me and gave several snaps to my hair and dress.

Loza M. 

Naeto C

Aminat giving fierceness with her eyes


How I hate those contacts...

That necklace!

The only 'natural' look.

Alek Wek!


  1. I must say that enjoyed this post. The colors vibrant and the people beautiful.
    P.S. I hate those contacts...the fakeness of it all (turn off)

  2. GORGEOUS Pics!!!!!!!!!!
    I have loved Aminat since her cycle on Top Model. I SO wanted her to win!
    I LOVE the pics but I HATE the contacts too! eeeEEKK!

  3. Why did thst fine specimen have to ruin it with the contacts?

    You looked funny goofing about.

  4. Overall it seems like a good time but lol i'm with Myne Whitman, why ruin themselves with contacts

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  5. Beautiful pictures. I dint like the pictures Linda put up cos they were bleh. Love ur wacky/edgy style too

  6. it wld reali b a dream for me to attend arise lagos fashion week, hopefully one day:) u look gr8!!