Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Used To Be Bulimic

     The funny thing about my bulimia was that no one noticed. I did not lose a huge amount of weight. I was skinny but skinny people do exist so I never raised any eyebrows. As an African woman, I feel that admitting to an eating disorder is big. It took me years to tell anyone because I was so ashamed of such a weakness and I did not want to confront it. I am yet to meet any African individual open enough to discuss any eating disorder they may have had.

     And it all started in the States. As I have mentioned before, I went through an ugly duckling stage of life. And my older sister had her almost six-pack going on at that time so I constantly compared myself to her (little did I know she was going through stuff too). I did not do it to attract men, I did it simply because I wanted to be skinny and feel good about myself.

No one could tell I had an eating disorder. I was skinny but I still looked healthy.

     Anyway, I started to workout for  about two hours everyday. I would eat little all day and stuff my belly at night. I would feel so defeated once that 'full' feeling came about so one day, I put my fingers down my throat. And I kept on doing it. I loved that I could eat so much and enjoy the food but throw it all up and get that empty stomach feel. I was 17 at that time I do believe and in my senior year of high school. I did not overcome this until my last semester freshman year in college.

At my smallest. Prom '07

     I threw up every single day. My eyes would be bloodshot for hours. I had no problem going out to eat as long as I could rush back home and get rid of it all. How did I stop? I wish I could say that I went to therapy, that I prayed, that I had people stand by me through it all but once again, no one knew. 
     I was talking to one of my friends as we browsed through magazines looking at the models and she brought it up. She casually talked about the damage that it does to the body but one stuck with me for some reason; enlarged neck glands underneath the jawline. Later that night, I went to the mirror and looked at myself properly for the first time in years and all I saw were: 

Swollen neck glands underneath the jaw line lol.

     And that was it. It was something simple and almost superficial that made me quit that same night. The small swelling under my jaw was ugly to me so I simply stopped. That was in late 2008. I never got the urge to do it again. The swelling never fully went away or maybe it's just my imagination at this point. As a woman, I still struggle with issues concerning weight. I still have a poor and possibly unhealthy eating diet. But I love myself more. I go to the gym more and when I can't, I don't beat myself up about it. I love ice cream and chocolate, I eat them when I want. I do not deny my body what I desire but everything has to be done in moderation of course. 
     My thighs jiggle and my belly has a fold in it when I sit or bend over.  I am fine with that. I have love-handles that occasionally sneak out over the top of my jeans but that's cool. Not all clothes look good on me or fit me right. But that's no problem, I find clothes that do. I am not alway happy with my body, but I am happier than I ever was. Understand?

Random picture of a friend and I. I am this happy lol.

And I love the little curves I do have.


  1. Thank you for sharing this story
    I used to be bulimic when I was younger, but for different reasons.
    I felt like I was the only Nigerian girl who went through that (Silly thought I know) since food is such a big part of our culture.
    Its nice to know I wasn't alone and I'm glad you are better now :)
    You're very beautiful don't let anyone or anything make you think otherwise! <3

  2. Thank you darling!! We are all out there!!!

  3. Uhn...I admire your guts in telling this. I still have things in my closet which might never come out. It is good to know that you are now more in control of your health life. Congrats missy..

  4. Thanks Dame, I still have a few more skeletons in my closet and I intend to keep them there!

  5. I used to think Nigerians in Nigeria don't have eating disorders. I know times have changed and i haven't been home in almost 9 years so things could be different now. Do you think coming here made you have one or it is something that you think u would have developed regardless of where u were? I'm just curious.

  6. I honestly think coming Nigeria I did have esteem issues but never about my body. I just never thought of it but who knows....

  7. hi yagazie can you pls check you YouTube email and get back to me pls....thanks :*

  8. You just made me feel so OK. I used to have and probably still will have insecurities about my body and probably still do a bit. etc. i guess everyone does. all i can say is you're a brave young lady.. Thank you

  9. Thank you for sharing this with us. You and your spirit are beautiful. You are in control and don't allow anyone to rock ya boat. It took time for me to appreciate my body, its a journey hun. I have to ignore cousins who tell me that 'ehh nuh, look how yuh don't have yuh summer bhaddi yet'....I laugh it off, I'll get there in time. Enjoy your evening :-)

  10. It'd great that you're so honest about it. I was born in raised in England but my parents acted like there was nothing wrong.

    You give me hope for our country. ^^

  11. Thank you so much for writing about this.

    A while back, I did a poem about eating disorders and inserted statistics showing that a great deal of Nigerian women suffer from eating disorders--even though no one talks about it.

  12. I can totally relate to this.
    Just to solidify it YOUR HOT!!!

  13. Thanks for sharing..
    Now I need to find a mirror to see how enlarged my neck glands are

  14. Thanks for being open about it. You are a strong woman and you are BEAUTIFUL. No matter what size you are, clothes you were, I see our beauty inside and out. You are amazing. I just discovered your blog today and I'm glad I did. :)

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  16. Great story! It must have taken a lot to share that! Thank you! You are sooo very beautiful, no one would ever suspect a problem! I'm glad you came thru it without damaging your health and beauty! You are an inspiration!