Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yet Another of My Rants

This is a seriously one-sided argument on my part and I have no problem admitting it. If you are offended by this, you are overreacting. 


  1. Lol!! you are hillarious..good stuff lol

  2. I was so impressed with this one!!...i want to send you a tshirt from my tshirt design..You can check ofilidesigns4u.bigcartel.com....please i really want to send you a tshirt.
    Im called Nonso Ofili

  3. true true, im the newest convert , you're so funny. spread the word

  4. This is hilarious..while I love cooking, its so true when men have such a long requirement list while they r seriously slacking..kinda how it is always the ashiest darkest negro in the room who will loudly declare "I LIKE MY WOMEN LIGHTSKINNED WITH "GOOD" HAIR"...¬_¬..

    Yeah ladies, u deserve pampering!


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  7. Ofili I want your t shirts oooo!!! And thanks everyone for the comments!!! And jessi and Joy, I already follow you guys on tumblr lol

  8. ahahahahaha , Uwill not KILL me today !! LOL u r too much!!!i run here for these ur rants every little chance i get.

    i tot i was alone on this, naija men for one act like it is a taboo a woman doesn't like cooking for them.i get YOU, i can cook , i just don't like doing it...those who get it get it, those who don't, that one is their own.

    nothing do you!

  9. LOL Really funny....Love it!!!

    There's always room for compromise in marriage though

    I never cooked for my hubby b4 marriage. However, I do love to cook. On the other hand, my hubby doesnt.
    Solution - I cook most times. Because we both work, it's often simple stuff. However, whenever I dont feel like cooking, he makes something easy or he orders in or we all go out. Simple....:)))))

  10. Woi you are on point with that! We women deserve to be woo'd & pampered, ay we work hard too. There is a man I love and he loves spaghetti, ackee & saltfish and I make it for him sometimes and he bakes all the time so he bakes me cookies and brownies...awww sweet delicious goodies yummo, I guess we have fun trading lol btw your yarn braids are hawt, I did mine Saturday night into Sunday morning...gurl let me tell you, I love dem.